The last act of the Supermoto World Championship was staged on the track of Jesolo and the team Tm Racing was a huge party. The strong French rider Thomas Chareyre is presented in this race with 14 points to administer on his direct opponent Mauno Hermunen. 

In qualifying Thomas was phenomenal going to set the fastest time in the super Chareyre trial has confirmed the best going to win an incredible pole position. 

Thomas Chareyre knew better than to attack by force could administer a great advantage.  At the start of the first moto Thomas does not force the start and the first lap in third position, Chareyre with a prudent race has completed the race without making mistakes. 

In the second race Thomas did not manage to get a good start losing several position but with a perfect first lap he recovered to fourth place which earned him the world title. Thomas has completed the run with the only goal to not make mistakes and crossed the finish line as world champion in fourth place. 

Thomas Chareyre thanks to an incredible season is crowned champion of the world for the third time and the Tm takes home the manufacturers’ title.  Home Pesaro is the culmination of a fantastic season that consecrates the Olympus of motorcycling.

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The last round of the Enduro World Championship was raced last weekend in Brioude, France and for the TM Racing Factory Team the trip to France has been  very positive.

In the E1 class the final objective was the attainment of the second place by Eero Remes and despite a not very positive weekend for our finnish rider the objective has been achieved, however, with as many as twenty points.

Positive weekend for Aigar Leok that in the E3 class wins two fourth places and finishes in the final standings on the fifth place. A good result after a  start of season under tone and with some ailment too much for our Estonian rider who was able to recover the shape and points in the standings.
Great race for the Chilean rider Benjamin Herrera on both days of the race rose to the podium, second and third place, winning her third place overall in the Youth Cup class.

“We have  reached the second place overall in the E1 class and I’m very happy for the result.  ”To say the truth the objective of the beginning ofseason was to succeed in winning the world title, I have lost during the year some point but I will retry there next year.

Aigar Leok
“A good weekend and I think about having raced a good  competition giving my best. The race was tough and demanding, and the two fourth places  obtained are a good result. “

“The race of Brioude has been challenging and very difficult but I was able to express myself better and in many special tests I got the best time and for this I definitely thank the whole team. A third and a second place here in France and third place in the Youth Cup class. I would say a good season. “

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European Championship 300 2T

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Samuele Bernardini and TM Racing Champions of Europe 

Lommel – The final round of the European Championship was hellish ride in the sand of Lommel, Samuele Bernardini came to the race with a lead of 34 points over his closest rival Marco Maddii, many, but on the races you never know, so Samuele was decided to conquer the headline immediately without waiting for the first round too.

Determined and strong for the pole position lap in the morning, Samuele snaps like a bolt from the starting gate conquering the command from the first corner and immediately puts a margin of 5 seconds between him and his pursuer English Gregory Lewis, Samuel continues to pull all the heat so you can stay focused and crossed the finish line Victorious.

The whole team takes him in triumph tossing it into the air to celebrate the victory of a championship newborn but very successful.



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The second GP season in Brazil is over in the state of Goias in Trindade, Team Ricci Racing comes to this race with only Davide Guarneri, Tanel Leok failed to recover from injury and Christopher Valente is still recovering.

The track that was built specifically for this race had learned very fast and a very technical.

Davide Guarneri found himself immediately at ease on this track from the first free practice, lap saw him close with the seventh fastest time.
At the start of the qualifying heats Davide started strong, taking the first positions, until a few laps from the end Guarneri was in third position but do not squeeze at the bottom of all the energy has upped the pace and finished seventh.

In race 1 exceptional departure for the “Pota” Guarneri, too bad during the first round is dropped, the strong Italian driver had to stop in the pits to fix his bike, broken in last position ended in 12th place.

In the second moto Davide was exceptionally good start and good pace throughout the race, Guarneri was able to get a fantastic fifth place at the finish.

Excellent result that makes moral to the whole team.

Only a few days to relax and then get back on track for the final round in Mexico.

Davide Guarneri comments on the race: “I am very happy with the race, we were able to quickly find the right setting of the bike and I went strong in qualifying, too bad the first run where I fell, a part of the track was not wet and because of the dust, I found myself on the ground, excellent second run where I’ve always been very fast, now we think we do well in Mexico. “

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Just a quick download of the newest brochure and you can get information on the compete line-up of 2014 TM Racing models.

The brochure file is in pdf format. It’s best to use Adobe Reader to view and read the brochure.

2014 TM Racing brochure

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2014 TM Racing Model Preview

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We are pleased to announce the TM Racing range for 2014 and here is a brief rundown highlighting some of the changes to models in the range. Once again TM Racing will be producing a full range of Motocross, Enduro, Supermotard Racing and Supermotard Street variants all available with a choice of different capacity 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke engines.

85cc MX Jnr.
Mx Junior 2014 TM Racing 

The ‘all new for 2013′ 85cc MX machine has taken the world by storm and this absolutely stunning looking bike with its unmatched high specification of standard production components and performance only receives minor updates for 2014. These updates include a new piston design with changes to both the cylinder configuration and engine set-up. These changes make for better engine performance and longevity in the harshest conditions. New suspension settings also feature for both the front forks and the rear shock absorber with adjustments to shim settings, oil weights and volumes and shock gas pressures, all working together to give a much better progression to the suspension units of both the small wheel and big wheel variants. The machine also receives a fresh look with a new decal kit in an Italian theme.

125cc / 144cc.

The already well proven TMEES 125cc / 144cc engine has also been treated to a thorough overhaul, the original 2012 125cc TMEES engine received a major overhaul for 2013 including new crankcases with a revised induction angle for the V-Force reed block. A new air boot and air filter system. New exhaust system and a new main bearing set-up to reduce drag and increase engine responsiveness, in 2013 the 144cc engine was also revised to these specifications. For 2014 TM Racing have yet again increased the performance of these incredible engines and have found gains in both power and torque across the rev range with an all new twin-ring piston design which increases compression stability with less blow-by under extreme conditions, new cylinder port timing to maximise the potential of the new piston and new exhaust valve pulleys fitted with new larger diameter command cables to increase the performance and reliability of the TMEES system, all working harmoniously with new carburetion settings. The chassis also features some revisions and these include a new triple clamp offset combined with new forks and shock settings to enhance bike stability and turning making for a better handling package, in the aesthetics department there is a new decal kit and matching seat cover once again following an Italian design.

250cc / 300cc.
TM Racing MX 250 2014 

The mighty 2 stroke flagships of the TM Racing range have now been brought in line with the 125cc and 85cc engine induction alterations, after both receiving the new air boot and air filter design in 2013 the large capacity 2-Stroke engines have been re-worked and feature a new crankcase design with a rotated V-Force reed block position, this is matched to a new inlet manifold with altered carburetion settings these changes, now combined with the 2013 intake system, maximise throttle response and engine performance across the rev range. As the 125 the 250cc / 300cc machines chassis feature similar revisions, again these include a new triple clamp offset combined with new forks and shock settings to enhance bike stability and turning making for a better handling package, in the aesthetics department there is a new decal kit and matching seat cover once again following an Italian design.

EN 250Fi 2014 TM Racing
MX 250Fi 2014 TM Racing 

The stunning TM Racing 250Fi machines will also receive some changes for 2014 and after having months of testing at the highest levels of competition in the MX and Enduro World Championships the latest updates to the 250Fi engines come from development of the TM Factory Racing Teams. The 2014 engine will receive a new piston with an all new crown design for better burn control, power output and efficiency when combined with the new cylinder head shape with altered volumes. New EFI mapping settings for both ignition timing control and fuel injection control work in tune with the new head and piston arrangement to increase power and torque for a large part of the rev range and these changes are different for both MX and Enduro variants too. Both the MX and Enduro engines have unique pistons and head profile variants to give the performance required for each discipline, on the MX engine and new inlet camshaft profile and a new larger diameter throttle body feature and increase the performance values even further to suit the harsher nature of Motocross. Whilst the Enduro engine retains the smaller throttle body and ‘relaxed’ camshaft profiling to give a smother, broader power output better suited to the required conditions found in Enduro. Once again the same changes feature on the chassis department, these include a new triple clamp offset combined with new forks and shock settings to enhance bike stability and turning making for a better handling package, in the aesthetics department there is a new decal kit and matching seat cover once again following an Italian design.


The mighty 450cc engine has once again proven to be a world beater in many disciplines and for 2014 the philosophy is simple, small changes. For 2014 the 450cc engine receives only minor alterations to ignition timing and fuel control via the ECU and a small change to the piston design to enhance burn control and efficiency. The already immensely powerful and torque laden engine required little in the way of more performance and simple alterations have just improved its responsiveness at lower rpm’s and facilitated easier starting on the conventional kickstart variants. As with the rest of the TM Racing range the chassis receives the same changes, these include a new triple clamp offset combined with new forks and shock settings to enhance bike stability and turning making for a better handling package, in the aesthetics department there is a new decal kit and matching seat cover once again following an Italian design.

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TM Racing TM 125MX

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After the good start of the International Series in Viterbo, Tm Racing Team and Thomas Chareyre came to Limatola circuit to defend the World Champion title.

This first round of the World Championship took place on the track of Limatola, a very beautiful structure. Unfortunately, on Saturday, the weather was rainy all the day long.

In the Time Practice, Thomas Chareyre couldn’t find the right feeling with the wet track and because of an excessive use of the rear tyre he didn’t succeed in finishing better than 13th.

On Sunday morning, a warm sun was shining on the track and Thomas Chareyre aimed at catching up as many positions as possible. In the Warm Up, Thomas got the first fast lap time.

In the first heat, Thomas started really well and in the first lap he was 5th and with an incredible pace he recovered positions up to 2nd.

In the second heat, the French rider started really fast and in the first lap he was second and he did his best to catch up Hermunen but he had a good margin and Thomas finished 2nd.

Thomas was on the podium in this first GP, but maybe he’s not totally satisfied with his performance in the Time Practice.

Now a long break before the second round of the International Series in Latina, on 18th-19th May.

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Thomas Chareyre back to win!

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We are at the third race of the Italian Supermoto 2013, and was raced on the track in Battipaglia in the province of Salerno.

Thomas Chareyre and its Tm 450 are presented to this meeting after the good performance of previous races.

In the qualifications Thomas gets a strong second place just a few tenths from pole position, Chareyre and the team are confident of being able to play the win.

At the start of the first heat Chareyre part well and puts himself in the wake of the leader, Thomas for a few laps he studied his opponent and in the stretch off the road makes it impossible to overtake taking command of the operation and taking an incredible pace to win by a good margin.

In the second moto Thomas puts on the same script, but already in the first lap and took the lead for the remaining 15 steps no one can worry.

Thomas Chareyre provides incredible goals proving that he is the best rider in the world.

Only 15-day break and then back on track in the Czech Republic for the third round of the World on Track Sosnova where it ran from 2005.

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The 9th GP of the 2013 World Championship took place on the historic circuit of Maggiora, the wonderful track has been reopened after fourteen years and the event has been a great success in terms of audience. Ricci Racing Team’s riders are in Mx1 Shaun Simpson and in Mx2 Ivo Monticelli and Samuele Bernardini as wild card.

In the Mx2 qualifying race, Monticelli and Bernardini had a great manche, finishing respectively 17th and 25th. On Sunday, in the first heat, Ivo Monticelli started well, but his physical conditions weren’t at the top and he finished 29th; while Bernardini had a bad crash and he was forced to abandon. In the seconde manche, both the riders crashed and were forced to abandon.

In mx1qualifying race, Shaun Simpson didn’t find the right pace and he made too many mistakes finished 24th. In the first race on Sunday, he had a great race, he started very fast and he had a great paceimproving his performance finishing 11th. In the second heat, Shaun was in the top positions but he abandoned because of a technical problem.


The next GP will take place in Sweden on the tack of Uddevalla.


Ilario Ricci, Team Manager:
“Another negative week-end, the track was really hard and our riders have to improve their performances, we keep on working to improve our results.”

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